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Vegetable dehydration is the intended use of the steam-heated multistage drier currently being put into service. The length of the dryer corresponds to the amount of time it takes for substantial amounts of moisture to evaporate. Sanitary features include stainless steel contact parts and an easy-to-clean interior.

Perforated belts are employed for feeding materials into the dryer, under or over, and through the product bed and belt. Typically, units are multi-zoned, and each zone may have a different airflow rate. For each site, the temperature profile and control can vary. A central exhaust duct removes the dryer's overheated or nearly overheated air.In multi-pass Conveyor Dryer Machine, the feed is gravity-transferred from one belt to the next below it on multiple passes. A two- or three-pass dryer is the norm in this situation. When using a vegetable dehydration conveyor drier, feed is transferred from one belt to another as it moves along the conveyor. You can find machines by searching Conveyor Dryer Machine Manufacturer.


  • Near the air/gas stream.
  • The best choice for heat-sensitive or time-sensitive products.
  • To save energy, the process air is reused. Temperature and process control can be fine-tuned in multiple zones.
  • Incredibly efficient energy transfer
  • Flows between zones can be adjusted.
  • Product handling should be done with care.
  • With a dispersed basis, this unit is self-contained.
  • The cooling component can be built within the team.


  • Equipment with a high maximum temperature can be problematic.
  • Carryover clogs the heater.
  • Keeping a belt in place might be a hassle.
  • To avoid clogs, it is necessary to wipe the belt frequently.
  • Perforations on planes or straps might result in the loss of files.

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