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Benefits of Snacks Coating Machine

Snack flavour options are expanding all the time, thanks to new recipes and advancements in food technology. Whatever the flavour profile of your product, we have a seasoning or coating solution for you. There is a Snacks Coating Machine model for every application, from spraying and glazing to spinning drums and machine applicators.

Drum Applicators for Flavours

Most snack production lines still use the old flavour drums, which run at astonishing speeds on precise cycles to apply salts and seasoning evenly to even the most delicate applications.

System for Seasoning Food on the Go

The On-Machine Seasoning System allows producers to season their products while they are being processed and weighed to keep production moving. All types of snack applications, including product mixtures, can be met by us, which comes in several different configurations.

Seasoning System for Machines

The Snacks Coating MachineSystem allows producers to season their products while they are being processed and weighed to keep production moving. Snacks applications, including product combinations, are ideal for us, which is available in several configurations.

Flavouring potato chips, junk food, dog food, and a variety of other fried foods is the primary purpose of this flavouring machine. An innovative flavouring system ensures that the flavouring ingredient is distributed uniformly, and the screw speed may be adjusted.

Rotating roller uses whole moulding process with no dead angle. Everything from potato chips to potato slices, beans, nuts, and crisps may be spiced up with one of these seasoning machines. This seasoning and coating machine can produce a variety of flavours, including savoury, sweet, and spicy, and colourful ones. It's the most advanced seasoning and food mixing equipment made by our company. We are known as the top Snacks Coating Machine Manufacturer in India.

High-quality and long-lasting stainless-steel construction. Electric control, clockwise and counter clockwise rotary, speed adjustable. Capacity and quality are excellent; the rotation is stable, the noise level is low, and the automated discharge is simple to use. It is the world's most cutting-edge seasoning apparatus. The slurry tank has an insulating layer, and the roller can blow hot air.

Snack Food Coating and Seasoning Machines Have the Following Benefits:

  • Stainless steel is used in its construction.
  • Two hundred kilograms per hour is the final production. It is possible to group machines with varying capacities into larger clusters that can operate together more efficiently.

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