Ribbon Blinder Mixture GNEW 100

Ribbon Blinder Mixture GNEW 100

Main Motor : 10 HP AC motor with gear box       

Capacity : 500 kg/ Batch . 

Machine Size : ( LxWxH)- 9’x 5’x6’

Approx. Weight :  1000 kg


Best way to use Ribbon Blender Machine

Mechanisms of Ribbon Blenders for Mixing

Ribbon Blender Machines work on the principles of convection and diffusion to mix the ingredients together. Convective mixing is defined as the large-scale movement of vast amounts of solids. It is possible to achieve convection mixing by turning the solids in the agitator assembly along the horizontal axis of the agitator assembly.The other sort of ribbon mixing is diffusion mixing, which is the micro mixing that occurs when individual particles are moved relative to their surrounding particles. Diffusion mixing occurs when individual particles are moved relative to their surrounding particles. Diffusion happens in the ribbon blender when particles in front of the ribbon are moved in one direction.

Ribbon blenders have several advantages.

  • Prevent overheating of the engine and the ribbon blender. When the load becomes too big for the fusible plug to block and rotate, the working liquid is ejected from the fusible plug, separating the working machine from the pack, preventing damage to the motor and equipment during start up and overloading.
  • Even when the working liquid is overloaded, it does not splatter.
  • Hydraulic lift that is steady, versatile, and simple to use and maintain, and a safe and trustworthy guide.
  • A small vibration mixing device with low noise is employed.

Ribbon blenders have several disadvantages.

  • For example, in general, the hydraulic coupler is not loaded with the inverter and cannot change the spinning speed of the ribbon blender efficiently.
  • Because the loading of hydraulic couplings is easy to produce multiple transfer kinetic energy, resulting in increased power consumption, it is not possible to improve the start-up performance of the ribbon blender with this method.
  • When using the ribbon blender, it is not possible to click on it.

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